In 1790 Samuel Hahnemann, a well-known and respected physician and medical scholar, began developing homeopathy as a system of healing. For reasons that had to do with both ethical and professional concerns, he retired from the allopathic medical profession. In this regard he wrote, "I renounced the practice of medicine that I might no longer incur the risk of doing injury.¹" He did, however, continue his investigations and medical translations. While translating a medical textbook he came across a faulty explanation as to why quinine cures malaria. He decided to experiment with quinine (chinchona) and discovered that quinine causes malaria -type symptoms. His was the first breakthrough since Hippocrates in the discovery of the law (not theory) that like cures like -simillia similibus curentur.

Samuel Hahneman
- Allopathic medicine

Symptoms of illness and disease are signs of an activated immune system. Allopathic medicine works by suppressing symptoms until the condition subsides and the disease is pushed deeper into the economy of the individual. Homeopathy incites the body to fight harder in the same direction the disease is already going thus stimulating the body to finish the natural disease which results in cure.

- Remedies

There are approximately 2,000 remedies at the homeopaths disposal, the majority of which come from the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms. They are diluted and pounded and shaken (a process called succusion) to create a more refined and gentle medicine so as to cause no harm. There are many different potencies which can be employed at the homeopath's discretion.

These remedies have been 'proven' by a very rigorous experimental process. The remedies are given to healthy individuals and the symptoms they cause in the individuals are then recorded very carefully taking into account all parts of their being from the mind, emotion and will to their appetite and skin. These provings are then carefully studied to discover what sorts of disease pictures or symptom constellations they produce so as to apply it to a suffering individual with the same or similar symptoms.

Giving remedy this way stimulates the system to fight to overcome the disease. We also use literature on cured cases with these substances to study and use clinically. If you would like to study more about the history of homeopathy please refer to the links on the links page.

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